Phillip Jennings 19/04/2015

"I booked this session for my 12 year old son. He was keen to have a driving lesson but of course he was unable to use a public road. We met Sam at the venue after receiving very detailed joining instructions in the email. There were a number of other driver trainers using the track but Sam's car stood out from the crowd. Her car was c...lean and looked extremely funky. When I met Sam she looked very professional in her company uniform and my son felt immediately at home with her. After his driving lesson my son informed me that he had driven around the track using a variety of gear changes. He had covered clutch control and even completed some reversing manoeuvres. He is very keen to have his next lesson and I think he considers himself the new Stig. Thanks Sam for your support and professionalism."

 Ryan Scott 19/04/2015

"Wow I couldn't believe that I would literally be driving the car thought there was a catch but no I took the wheel and loved it .sue was great would defo recommend it to my mates ."

 Mark Hodkin 19/04/2015

"Mel loved her lesson today. Thanks Sue!"

Helen 19/4/2015

"I would highly recommend kidz driving school. My son, Josh, had the best hour of his life. At 13, he was confidently driving a car around the track. He didn't want the session to end. We will definitely be back for more lessons. Thank you for the great communication and service we received.

Emma Vincent 22/03/2015 

"Thank you Sue and Sam, both Dan & Joe had a fantastic time this morning. Hope Sam has come down after her spin in the mustang!"

 Julie Taverner 22/03/2015

"Mathew (11) has had a fantastic 90 minute lesson today with Sam. Mat...hew was put at ease as soon as he met Sam and she's given him such a confidence boost having driven round the track at Dunsfold Park. He found himself mastering stopping/ starting, 3 point turns, a roundabout and traffic lights. He's already talking about his next lesson and reverse parking. Thank you so much Kidz Driving School."

 Jake Swinstead 15/03/2015

"This was Jake's second time having a lesson with Sue and it was so great that, despite the first one being 6 months ago, he felt she remembered him and so he was able to build on the things he did last time. These have been birthday and Christmas gifts for Jake who is 13 and he's determined to keep on having them until he is old enough to have lessons on the road. Not only is it great fun and a fantastic experience, he's learning skills that will help him be ready for those L plates!"

 Jake Stoodley 25/02/2015

"I attended the Kidz Driving School during the summer when I was 16. I started driving lessons with Sam in December, and I have just passed my test with only 3 minors with only 20 hours of lessons. I definitely recommend Kidz Driving School as I learned the basics of driving under safe instruction, with the added bonus of being highly enjoyable! I would like to give a huge thanks, especially to Sam for helping me pass and setting me up to be a safe driver!"

 Tom Chadderton 22/02/2015

"Tom had an hours session with Sue on Sunday 22nd February. Sue was extremely confident and calming and Tom thoroughly enjoyed being taught by her. His dad sat in the back of the car for the last 10 minutes and was impressed at how much he had achieved in such a short period of time and how calm he was. He is looking forward to returning. Was the beat birthday present for Tom thanks Zara and Paul"

 Henry Parish 22/02/2015

"Sue was so lovely and really put Henry at ease, he had such a great time and couldn't wait to tell his friends he drove a Toyota round the Top Gear track!! After just 15 minutes he drove past us tooted the horn and waved at us. Just brilliant well worth the money, he can't wait to come back, thank you Sue"

 Ruth Saunder 22/02/2015

"Thank you for bethanys lesson today .will book again thank you ."

 Bethany King 22/02/2015

"I had an amazing time .and now appreciate how much goes into driving .i always thought would be easy . I loved my hour and half lesson and sam was lovely .she made my nerves goes ."

Claire Bishop 22/02/2015

" Thanks Sam! Chris Smith enjoyed his lesson with u 2day at dunsfold park! x"

Natalie Sullivan 28/1/2015

"On Sunday Will (10) had his second lesson with Sam. He was more nervous before this lesson (what if he'd forgotten what he'd been taught in his previous lesson three months before?!) but as soon as we saw Sam, Will relaxed and he thoroughly enjoyed h...imself again. He did remember lots from his previous lesson and this time around he was able to practice driving at traffic lights, three point turns and parallel parking as well as driving round the Top Gear track! As a HUGE Top Gear fan, seeing a 30ft Stig for a Top Gear promotion made his day - he is already asking when he can have lesson number 3! Thank you very much, Sam!"

 Heidi Healey 27/1/2015

"Our son enjoyed the session immensely, Sam quickly put him at ease and he was finding the biting point after just 30 mins and learning all the skills of a new driver. Taking the session on the Top Gear site made his year. We have been recommending to friends as it really was a fantastic opportunity and will be bringing him back - thank you!"

Ambika Viyakesparan  28/12/2014

The day was a beautiful sunny winter's day. I didn't know what to expect but when I got to the driving track I was amazed how big it was. I became a little nervous but when I met a kind smiley faced Sam I felt better. My parents and sister parked their car near the track and I went in Sam's car further away. I was pleased not to be near my family at that point in case I did anything wrong to be embarrassed about. Sam carefully went through all about the car and how to start off and change gears. So after a few starts I was off. It was exciting being in control of the car and gained confidence immediately. It also helped that there were only 3 other drivers on the track at the same time. Just to help me be aware of other drivers on the road at the same time as I was driving. Made it feel more realistic but not too many to make me nervous, I managed to go at a steady speed not going more than 30 and up to gear level 3. The track is very big. So drive didn't feel boring. There are lots of bends in the track to improve on steering techniques. We stopped now and again to learn techniques like parallel parking and roundabouts. Finally at the end of the lesson I drove up to my parents car and parked. My parents were very impressed and took a few pictures then. They had also taken a few short videos of me driving. I am 16. So this was a good time to give me an idea if I want to start lessons in 9 months time when I am 17!! Before that I hope to do another lesson.

 Hannah Clayforth 09/11/2014

Hannah really enjoyed her driving experience and wants to go again. Her instructor was extremely nice and made her feel very comfortable. I will definitely recommend Kidz to my friends and Hannah will be back.

 Rachel Marke 09/11/2014

Thanks so much again Sue he absolutely loved it and can't wait to do It again!

 Natalie Sullivan 02/11/2014

Thank you - Will had such a great time! He rated today 11 out of 10 and asked if we could surprise him again for Christmas! Lots of friends are already very jealous!

 Debbie Coggle 06/11/2014

I want to share with all the parents our there just how invaluable Sue & Sam are at Kidz Driving School. Our daughter who turned 17 in August passed her driving test today. Caitlan has been with both Sam & Sue since she was 16 going to the sessions once a month, these lessons are worth there weight in gold and enabled Caitlan to be confident on the road once she turned 17. Caitlan, Mark & myself want to thank Sue & Sam for everything and the fun shared on the way..... Next is motorways with Sue :) :)

Sarah Shore 31/10/2014

"I first started having lessons with Sam with the Under 17 driving lessons. She made me feel comfortable in the car and helped me to gain my confidence. Every lesson was enjoyable and I always felt like I was making progress. Thank you Sam!"

 Christine Cook 31/10/2014

As a parent of a newly qualified driver I can thoroughly recommend Sue. My daughter had lessons before she was 17 with ...Sue and we both immediately took to her. Sue is down to earth, honest caring and above all else a good instructor. My daughter passed in 25 lessons which, in my opinion, is rather good. Sue has been honest, forthright and kind, my daughter feels that she has also found a friend in Sue and I would be surprised if they did not stay in touch. We both feel very lucky that it was Sue that took Danni through this journey and look forward to a couple more motoway sessions - I would not trust my precious cargo with anyone else for this final hurdle - not even myself! Thank you Sue from the bottom of our hearts...


Luke Gavin 07/09/2014

Thank you very much for my driving experience at Dunsfold Park.  It was very good and informative.  Sam made me feel very relaxed and calm.  I learnt a lot about being aware of other road users when you are driving and I had a fantastic time.


 T Sexton 07/09/2014

Thank you very much Kidz Driving School, Luke Gavin had a fantastic time a great present for doing well in his exams. Wish we had this when we were 16

 S Swinstead 07/09/2014

Thank you for providing Jake with such a great driving experience. At 13 he is already desperate to learn to drive and he had absolutely the best time getting to drive a real car on the track and tackling manoeuvres, roundabouts and junctions. He has already said he'd like another lesson for Christmas & his birthday this year!

J Cross  28/08/2014

"My daughter enjoyed  her lesson and can't wait to do it again. I would recommend you to others"

G Howard 16/08/2014

I'm really glad that I decided to start under 17 driving lessons with Sam Watson. I've only had 2 lessons, one at the old site of the go kart track and the other in the great new site in Dunsfold Park. I found both these lessons really interesting, fun and helpful. Even with this few a lessons I already feel more prepared for when I start on the road driving lesson when I'm 17. Sam is lovely and an excellent teacher! She guides you through what to do step by step and doesn't make you do anything without making sure you understand it first. The track is fantastic, with a roundabout, other cars on the road, parked cars, turnings and even traffic lights. I can't wait until my next lesson!

 R Synge  24/6/2014


P Gutman 16/6/2014 

"Andrew thoroughly enjoyed his lesson with Sue and we will definitely be back for another session before he turns 17"

 L Hogg  15/06/2014

"I had one lesson when I was 16 on an off-road track with Sam under the Kidz Driving School programme. She gave me a lot of information but mostly focussed on getting me used to driving a car and doing some manoeuvres. Sam is such a friendly pers...on and a fantastic teacher – she’s very informative, doesn’t force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and will take over if necessary. At the end of the lesson, she’ll review what you’ve done and what the lesson plan is for next time. This is incredibly useful as Sam will point out both positives and negatives so you know where you stand. Even having just one lesson off-road gave me the confidence to start driving on-road and I still had that confidence when I did start actually driving 2 months later. I have since had two on-road lessons and am amazed with my progress – definitely recommending to friends and their younger siblings!"

 J Barnes 5/6/2014

We would never have believed that our teenage son Joe would ever drive a car. When he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 our world caved in and every milestone that you expect from a neurotypical child evaporates. Although KIDZ does not offer themselves as Autism specific, their approach, patience understanding and approach that every young person is unique and has a unique learning style was perfect and a real winner here. Joe was not a disabled young man, he was a teenager with Autism keen to be treated as everyone else, to access driving and build confidence. KIDZ made this happen in abundance and now we can look forward to the future knowing that he may now be able to enjoy the independence he richly deserves. Thankyou all so very much.

 K. Fielding 18/05/2014

Thank you Sue and Sam for a fantastic day and making T'Sian's first driving experience so enjoyable (...infact she was bouncing off the walls) x

 N. Allen 18/05/2014

I was impressed with the level of tuition given in the first session. Our daughter had never driven a car before attending this lesson and finished her 90 minutes more than capable of manoeuvring the vehicle with appropriate speed and control. I would absolutely recommend you to others.

B Gisborne 18/05/2014

It was our first time at Dunsfold Park and we were amazed at how perfect it was for these lessons.  Jack has driven once before and he was made to feel relaxed and confident and at ease.  Sam has a calm approach to teaching and gives very clear instructions which the younger person may need.  Jack said that the hour flew by which obviously shows how much he enjoyed the experience and he feels that he has learnt a lot.  I would not hesitate to recommend Alton Driving School to anyone young or older who is looking to start have driving lessons.  Sam is a very likeable lady and easy to communicate with.  She has been teaching my 17 year old daughter now since September and she has always been very encouraging whether it be with the practical driving or with the theory side.  I wish Alton Driving School and Kidz Driving School the very best and have no doubt that it will go from strength to strength.

 D Coggle 28/4/2014

"What an ideal place for driving lessons with a great track to enable young drivers to experience the reality of driving and to learn not only the necessary skills but respect for the car... Our daughter cant wait for the next lesson ...."

 Michelle Hogan 23/3/2014

James enjoyed the lesson a lot, and said he liked the feeling of space at Dunsfold Park. He appreciated the track and the feeling of space while he was driving, both of which helped his concentration. He also liked manoeuvring the car doing a turn in the road, and ‘overtaking’ another vehicle. He would definitely like to have another lesson there.



D Coggle 1/3/2014

Our daughter who turns 17 in August has been driving with Sam once a month for the last 7 months.  Sam has taught Caitlan from the very first lesson the way to drive once she can take lessons on the road.  Sam is a fantastic instructor with a calm and fun way of teaching, our daughter is not only fully confident in all the manouvres but is becoming very self-assured in handling the car.  I can’t recommend Sam highly enough, as a parent this really is a great way in giving our daughter the skills & confidence before she goes on the road. .. Thanks Sam!!!!